One Week To Go!

Have you bought your share yet? We’ve got one week to go till the current share off closes, and we’re over half way to our target!

We’ve currently raised £94,000 towards our £170,000 target.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£170,000Raised £172,500 towards the £170,000 target.£172,500Raised £172,500 towards the £170,000 target.101%

If you’re interested in buying shares you can download the share document and application forms here.

Alternatively you could attend one of our 3 drop-in sessions remaining.

To get us in the festive mood and celebrate the last 2 weeks of the share offer we have created the 14 days of Sharemas (to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)

On the 9th Day of Sharemas My True Love gave to Me;

9 Ladies Lunching

8 Ball a-playing

7 Garden Parties

6 Kids a-playing

5 Gold Shares

4 Sunday Roasts

3 Hot Drinks

2 Local Ales

And the Air Hostess for Our Community!

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