Community Brewery

With an annual brew off competition, Tollerton residents already have a reputation for making great beers, ciders and wines and now we’re looking to offer a new opportunity for brewing.

The next phase of the Trust’s work includes setting up a community Nano-brewery – like a micro brewery but a bit smaller.

The nano-brewery will offer shared brewing equipment for making beer and experimenting with different grain and hop combinations. Produce can be kept, sold or possibly even stocked in the community pub.

Plus the brewery will also link up with the Tollerton Fruit and Vegetable Exchange to offer use of a community cider press for apple juice and cider in the autumn.

Would you like to make your own beer or cider?

Plans for the community brewery are at an early stage and if you are interested in being involved then we are keen to hear from you.

It may be that the brewery is set up as a business run for community benefit like the Flying Club or it may be more of a co-operative with shared profits.

However we would expect all members of the community brewery to get some dedicated use of the equipment for their own beer, plus some reserve slots for guests or shared projects.

So if your interested in learning how to tell the difference between your sparge, lauter and mash then get in touch…

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