Community Benefit Society

Community Pub – The Tollerton Flying Club

The Tollerton Flying Club is a community benefit society run primarily for the benefit of the community at large. The Society is registered under the law as a society for the benefit of the community with the Financial Conduct Authority

The Society shall be to carry on business for the benefit of the community by:

Transforming the Air Hostess Public House into a thriving, viable and sustainable business owned by community shareholders and run for the benefit of the community that it serves.

Providing a place to meet and socialise in a venue that is welcoming to all ages offering access to a range of activities and community events that will address cohesion, loneliness and isolation especially for the elderly, disabled and young families in the community. 

Providing a venue for other community businesses to grow.

Engaging with the community and working with Tollerton Parish Council and the Tollerton Community Trust – to achieve its charitable objectives – to bring wider community benefit.

The Rules of the Tollerton Flying Club can be read here.

More information on how to join the Flying Club

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