Getting Started

Our Community Pub plans were developed by a Steering Group of parish councillors and volunteers who put themselves forward in May 2019 offering their time and expertise to help:

  • Matt Garrard (Chairman)
  • Rob Barrett
  • Anthony Sumner
  • Chloe Higgins
  • Clare Dul
  • George Walker
  • Mark Law
  • Martin Goodman
  • Parma Somal
  • Mark Jones
  • Caryl King
  • Steve King
  • Andrew Flett

The Steering Group has agreed a set of ‘model’ rules for the way that the Tollerton Community Trust Flying Club works, you can read them here.

The Steering Group is grateful for the support of

  • Sally Soady, Plunkett Foundation and Bamford Community Pub
  • Paul and Emma Cowland
  • Tracy Longworth
  • Bryan Cather
  • Lesa Gilbert and Emma Goodman @ Tollerton Parish Council
  • Matthew Hudson, Gosschalks Solicitors

Would you like to volunteer your knowledge, experience or services to the Tollerton Community Pub project? If so, please complete the contact form and we will be in touch.

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