Beer should not be boring

Our community pub being a Freehouse is important to us and as a freehouse we want to make the most of the amazing variety of beer now being made in the UK. 

As a Freehouse our approach is based on creating excitement and anticipation through Regular Type, Different Choice

Any pub can sell big names beers, but as a community pub we aim to offer a continuously changing choice of six different types of beer:

  1. the Classic – one for the traditional beer drinker, a best bitter or amber ale
  2. the Blonde – a light, pale or straw beer, great for a session
  3. the Hoppy one – packed full of flavour, a beer for hop lovers
  4. the Modern one – from American Pale to Porter, our wildcard beer celebrating the work of great new breweries
  5. the Crafty pair – drop the temparature and throw in a bucket load more hops to make a great session pale or something a little bit special
  6. the Proper one– lager done right, craft lager chilled and packed with proper flavour

We want to work with great new breweries to deliver these six types of beer, plus the usual lagers, ciders and spirits.

Our Top Picks

With growing numbers of amazing brewers in the UK our free house has the opportunity to offer the very best of beer.

Our ambition is to have regular apperances from our top pick breweries:


Great New Beers

With so much choice for a free house we couldn’t just limit our community pub to our top picks.

Visitors to our community pub should also expect to find top quality beers from these great brewers from across the UK:


Old Favorites

In a nod to the UK’s strong brewing heritage our community pub should occasionally show case a few old favorites offering a trip down memory lane alongside the best new brands :


We expect our freehouse to change beer as much as possible, but we’re also open to tap takeovers, offering a slate of beer from one brewery to showcase the best on offer.

Beer of Quality

As much as possible we want to see beer of quality and are supportive of breweries operating within these standards:

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