Future of the Air Hostess: Part 2

The following article was originally written by Steve King and published in the August Edition of the Tollerton Village Newsletter.

The Future of the Air Hostess (Part 2)

Replies from more than 330 of the 900 homes in the village were received in response to the recent Community Survey that requested your comments and thoughts, on the future of the Air Hostess.

Some surveys were completed at the village event, some handed in at the post office, some to the parish rooms and some submitted online. Talking to one friend, he suddenly rushed indoors to return moments later, with a completed, still to be submitted form, “Here you are, you’ll know what to do with this”! People’s views were delivered in a variety of ways, but delivered they were. To those of you who took the time to complete and submit your survey, I’d like to say a big “Thank You”.

As I write, the survey closing date of the 20th July is a few days away, but as you read this that date will have passed. The data received so far has been collated and any surveys submitted by the closing date will be added. The vast majority of the surveys received have been supportive of the pub being retained for the village and in the case of most, comments were constructive and considered.

I understand the data will then be analysed and presented to the next Community Pub Steering Group meeting, to be held in the first week of August. The date of publication of the next newsletter is some distance off (in early October). So that the details of this analysis are available to those who are interested, I intend to request that details be uploaded to the village noticeboards and website (at http://www.tollertonparishcouncil.gov.uk/) following the meeting, and well before the aforementioned October publication of the newsletter.

A draft business plan is currently being written and is also due for presentation at the August Community Pub Steering Group.

People are quite clearly curious about the asking price of the pub. Heck, I’m curious. But to the best of my knowledge, negotiations with Everards regarding purchase of the pub are likely to commence soon, and as of yet no initial selling price has been mooted.

In the last newsletter I mentioned Everards Brewery had informed Rushcliffe Borough Council on 15th April 2019 of their intention sell the Air Hostess. An Asset of Community Value order lasts for 6 months; in this case until 15th October 2019. Between now and the 15th October, members of the Community Pub Steering Group will be in negotiations with Everards to decide upon a price to purchase the Air Hostess as a community pub for the village. If a price is agreed, a deposit can then be made, which allows the village time to raise the capital to purchase the pub, via the offering of shares to interested parties.

I will continue to try to keep you informed of what is happening with regard to the Air Hostess in the next newsletter in October. If you are able in the meantime, periodically check the village noticeboards and website for any updates.

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