Future of the Air Hostess – Part 6

Article first published in the Tollerton Village Newsletter, January 2020 Edition. Written by Steve King.

As most of you will know, efforts that started back in mid-April and ended in mid-October, concluded with the village being given permission by Everards Brewery, to attempt to purchase the Air Hostess as a community pub.

The following month saw the preparation of materials for a share launch presentation event, held at Tollerton School on Wednesday 20th November. The idea was to present a vision of a future community pub that villagers could be excited by, and support where possible.

Over 200 people attended. They learnt that the price for purchasing the pub (and land) was £295,000 and of plans for upgrades and improvements, that would lead to additional costs. The details of the intended access to loans and grants, to aid the purchase of the pub were also outlined.

It was explained that it was hoped villagers would play an important role in applying for shares capital of up to £170,000 in value. This figure consisted of £50,000 to buy the pub and a further £120,000 intended to be used to provide an upgraded pub, that the community could be proud of. The share offer would be open from November 20th to December 18th. The reaction at the event was very positive with many expressing gratitude for the efforts in gaining the village the opportunity to purchase its pub.

A second smaller launch event was held at the Parish Rooms on Sunday 8th December for those who were interested but unable to attend the original school event.

As I write this on the 12th December (prior to a pre-Christmas print deadline for the newsletter of December 11th), there are 8 days until the Share Offer closing date. We have so far raised more than £86,000 in Share Capital, more than halfway to our target.

By the time you read this, the Share Offer closing date will have passed and the amount raised will have risen further. The nearer the money raised is to the target of £170,000, the more the number of planned improvements that will be financed.

The final figure raised will be well publicised around the village and online at: https://tollertontrust.org.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/TollertonCommunityPub/ site.

I think the sums raised are heartwarming and I know the steering group would like to give a massive thank you to each of you who have turned out at events and especially to those who have contributed by buying shares. The first tranche of emails thanking those who’ve brought shares have been sent out and all who buy shares who in due course be sent such an email.



For a village to be a thriving community, rather than just a dormitory for a nearby town, it needs to have facilities that bring the community together. A pub is often one of the most critical of these, being a hub for socialising and events.

Sadly, Tollerton’s pub , the Air Hostess, has struggled in recent years and the brewery, Everards, are planning to sell it. The Parish Council is therefore proposing to  buy it and run it  as a community pub.


Firstly, without a pub, Tollerton will feel ’empty ‘, with very little at its centre to bring people together. Summer evenings, Christmas, celebrations – without our pub, the opportunity to socialise at our  pub  will be lost

Secondly, house prices. A national survey carried out by Savills found that a third of house buyers check to see if there is a pub nearby. Help protect our house prices by supporting this venture .


A Community Benefits Society has been set up to buy and own the pub . A deal has now been negotiated with the brewery to buy the pub, the brewery has asked the at we exchange contracts in early January, with a view to actually purchasing the pub a few months thereafter.

In order to buy the pub, we need funding . We have created a Community Benefits Society to raise funds through a community share offer.

We are holding a SHARE LAUNCH EVENT at Tollerton School, 20th November, 7:30pm. If you want to see the pub in the village continue to exist, please attend the event. It’s your chance to contribute, to SAVE OUR PUB.

We will be sharing with you the vision for the Air Hostess, details of the share offer and the benefits this will bring to you and the community,  and expand  on all the  key elements of this vision.

The share offer night on the 20th is intended to inform but also be the first opportunity for you to actually make a pledge to buy shares so if you want to come prepared to do that, please bring your cheque book or mobile phone with mobile banking facility . We will also have PCs with internet access, to facilitate people making bank transfers if they have their internet banking details with them. Please come along to the night whether you are fairly certain you want to help by buying shares or you aren’t sure and just want to hear more.

There is only ONE CHANCE to save the  Air  Hostess THIS IS IT, to avoid losing a key asset from our community

Please attend the Launch event on the 20th November 7.30PM

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