A Poem from a Shareholder

A Poem from a Shareholder

Thank you to Sally Taylor for this wonderful little poem about our Community Pub.

Tollerton Community Hub
What is a community pub?
Is it the local people’s hub?
A place where they can all meet
For a drink and something nice to eat
A place to perhaps share a hobby
Or sit and relax and just be
Away from the stress and strain
To chat together or play a game
To taste a new beer or ale
A strong one or a wheaty pale
To set off in a jolly group
To create a new sporting troupe 
To have a go at craft or make
Something new or even bake
To learn a skill or hear a talk
Or find a friend for your dog walk
Lots of things our pub can be
But I like the idea of the BFG (best for grub)!
February 7th 2020 
Cheers Sally Taylor 

If you have any art, poetry or any creative work about the Community Pub we’d love to see it and share it on our website. Please email us and let us know.

Shareholder Update February 2020

Its been a couple of weeks since the share offer for the Tollerton Community Pub closed and since our first informal shareholder meeting.

We’re please to say that the first event went very well and was well attended. In total we raised £165,700 which is an amazing achievement. For a little sneak peak into that first meeting please watch the video at the end of this article.

Important Information for Shareholders

Share Certificates

Over the next week or so you should receive your share certificate, which one of our lovely management committee will be delievering . Please be sure to double check the information on the share certificate is correct. If there are any errors please email us.


The main way we will be communicating with our shareholders will be via email.

If you are still not receiving the emails please complete the following:

If you have any problems or queries please feel free to message us via the website or via email.


Future of the Air Hostess – Part 6

Article first published in the Tollerton Village Newsletter, January 2020 Edition. Written by Steve King.

As most of you will know, efforts that started back in mid-April and ended in mid-October, concluded with the village being given permission by Everards Brewery, to attempt to purchase the Air Hostess as a community pub.

The following month saw the preparation of materials for a share launch presentation event, held at Tollerton School on Wednesday 20th November. The idea was to present a vision of a future community pub that villagers could be excited by, and support where possible.

Over 200 people attended. They learnt that the price for purchasing the pub (and land) was £295,000 and of plans for upgrades and improvements, that would lead to additional costs. The details of the intended access to loans and grants, to aid the purchase of the pub were also outlined.

It was explained that it was hoped villagers would play an important role in applying for shares capital of up to £170,000 in value. This figure consisted of £50,000 to buy the pub and a further £120,000 intended to be used to provide an upgraded pub, that the community could be proud of. The share offer would be open from November 20th to December 18th. The reaction at the event was very positive with many expressing gratitude for the efforts in gaining the village the opportunity to purchase its pub.

A second smaller launch event was held at the Parish Rooms on Sunday 8th December for those who were interested but unable to attend the original school event.

As I write this on the 12th December (prior to a pre-Christmas print deadline for the newsletter of December 11th), there are 8 days until the Share Offer closing date. We have so far raised more than £86,000 in Share Capital, more than halfway to our target.

By the time you read this, the Share Offer closing date will have passed and the amount raised will have risen further. The nearer the money raised is to the target of £170,000, the more the number of planned improvements that will be financed.

The final figure raised will be well publicised around the village and online at: https://tollertontrust.org.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/TollertonCommunityPub/ site.

I think the sums raised are heartwarming and I know the steering group would like to give a massive thank you to each of you who have turned out at events and especially to those who have contributed by buying shares. The first tranche of emails thanking those who’ve brought shares have been sent out and all who buy shares who in due course be sent such an email.

A New Tenant for a New Start

A New Tenant for a New Start

We’re excited to finally share some amazing news with you.

Since day one question everyone on the steering committee has been asked again and again,

Who’s going to be the next tenant of the Air Hostess?

Over the last few months we have had the pleasure of speaking with several potential tenants. Each one presented great ideas and enthusiasm for our community pub, but one in particular stood out.  

We’re are now pleased to announce that Mark & Rachael Hughes from the Plough in Normanton will be joining the Tollerton Flying Club family. 

Steering Committee members Matt, Ant & Rob great the new Tenants Mark & Rachael

If you’re local to Tollerton you will probably know Mark and Rachael have achieved fantastic things over at the Plough. Over the last few year they have been awarded Best Public House 2019, Best Dining Pub 2019, Second Place with Special Mention Special Recognition Award, and Runners Up for Best Sunday Lunch.

Both Rachael and Mark are local to Tollerton and really understand our wishes for a pub which focuses on families, food and beer! They currently run a whole host of community events and activities from the Plough and they’re excited to take this a step further with the Air Hostess. 

Furthermore their experience of bringing a pub back to life will prove invaluable to the future success of the Air Hostess and together we aim to have the pub open by early March. We’ve still got the paperwork to do but as you can see they’re already getting stuck in behind the bar, checking the beer!

Mark & Rachael – Our new Tenants

Hi Tollerton

Now that the news is out, we want to say that we are over the moon that we’ve been successful in our tender to run The Air Hostess. The ‘Stess is close to our hearts as it’s where Rachael pulled her first pint and Mark’s first ‘stomping ground’.  So now, we are really excited with this new opportunity and can’t wait to work with the community to establish a successful and thriving pub for Tollerton. We look forward to seeing you in The ‘Stess when we open and will be sharing more news over the coming weeks, but for now, cheers!

Mark and Rach

From our time spent with Mark and Rachael, it was clear their passion for great service and the pub industry made selecting them the obvious choice. So we hope you will all join us in welcoming them and their staff to the Air Hostess.

We’d also like to remind you that we’re still working towards a target of £170,000. We’ve raised enough to purchase the pub but we would really love to create the dream environment our village and our new tenants deserve! 

The share offer will close on the 31st January. 

You can purchase top up shares at £50 a share, and shares can now be purchased for children and young people. Plus there are options for business sponsorship and donations – please either email communitypub@tollertontrust.org.uk or attend one of our drop in sessions for details. 

Drop In Sessions January 2020

Last year, over 4 weeks over 300 villagers helped raised £140K towards the 170K target to secure and improve the pub for the village. Thank you so much! 

The Community Pub Steering Group have just had a short break for Xmas and New Year. We hoped you a good one too! And now, we are back!

In January we are holding another round of Drop-in Q/A and Pledge Sessions to help us raise final £30K needed to reach the full target of £170K. This will allow the improvements to be completed, to give the village the pub it deserves.

The following sessions will be available for anyone who wishes to find out more about the community pub and purchasing shares. We will have extra application forms available and can help you complete the forms.

We will also provide information about purchasing shares for children and young people and business sponsorship.

Wednesday 8th January2 – 4pm &
6.30 – 7.30pm
Parish RoomsDrop in Session
Wednesday 15th January2 – 4pm &
6.30 – 7.30pm
Parish RoomsDrop in Session
Wednesday 22nd January2 – 4pm &
6.30 – 7.30pm
Parish RoomsDrop in Session
Wednesday 29th January 2 – 4pm &
6.30 – 7.30pm
Parish RoomsDrop in Session
Friday 31st January6 – 7.30pmParish RoomsLast Chance
To Purchase!

Drop in Session

If you’re unable to get to a drop in session, please email any questions or queries to communitypub@tollertontrust.org

Copies of the share document, business plan and application forms are still available to download on our website.

🥳🌟🎉 £139,350 🎉🌟🥳

🥳🌟🎉 £139,350 🎉🌟🥳

Wow! Just wow 🤩, we did it! We’ve raised more than enough to purchase the pub. 🍻

Thank you  😀

Thank you to the 283 people who have purchased shares.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time, shared information and promoted our cause to friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who have supported this project so far and have believed in the Community Pub.

We’re still a little bit short of the ideal total to transform the pub into a community facility we’re all proud, and new applications for share can still be made.

But we can go into Christmas confident that we’ve saved the Air Hostess for the village – what a fantastic early Christmas 🎄 present 🎁.

The Steering Committee are going to take a little rest of the festive period, which your Facebook feeds and post boxes will probably be pleased to hear about! 😄

We will be back in the New Year with what happens next and how we complete the final push! 🥂

In Remembrance of a Friend

Phil Aram, who many of you will know if you visit the Air Hostess, has just recently passed away.

Phil was without doubt, one of the pub’s greatest supporters – probably the greatest. A large, quietly spoken man, Phil was equally happy sipping a quiet of pint of Fosters, or enjoying it while bantering with friends. But always, always Fosters. He loved the pub second only to his wife, Sandra and his two daughters, Phoebe and Steph.

The Steering Committee would like to send our condolences to the family, we are holding them all in our thoughts.

Details of the funeral and wake to follow.

One Week To Go!

Have you bought your share yet? We’ve got one week to go till the current share off closes, and we’re over half way to our target!

We’ve currently raised £94,000 towards our £170,000 target.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.£170,000Raised £172,500 towards the £170,000 target.£172,500Raised £172,500 towards the £170,000 target.101%

If you’re interested in buying shares you can download the share document and application forms here.

Alternatively you could attend one of our 3 drop-in sessions remaining.

To get us in the festive mood and celebrate the last 2 weeks of the share offer we have created the 14 days of Sharemas (to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)

On the 9th Day of Sharemas My True Love gave to Me;

9 Ladies Lunching

8 Ball a-playing

7 Garden Parties

6 Kids a-playing

5 Gold Shares

4 Sunday Roasts

3 Hot Drinks

2 Local Ales

And the Air Hostess for Our Community!

Future at The Air Hostess – Part 5

Future at The Air Hostess – Part 5

As published in the December 2019 edition of the Tollerton Newsletter. Written by Steve King.

Future of the Air Hostess – Part 5

Since the last newsletter the pressure on the Community Pub Steering Group has been fairly intense. A Business Plan and Share Offer documentation together with Feasibility Plans that indicate potential ways to improve the pub have all been created. Articles have been written for the Local Nottingham Camra Group newsletter and its national award winning Nottingham Drinker magazine and also for the Nottingham Post. Interviews have been given to BBC Radio Nottingham. Leaflets containing information about the Share Launch event were distributed to households by Parma’s newspaper deliverers. These leaflets were also distributed to many individuals attending the Scout Hut Bonfire Night and to parents collecting their children at the school. Information from the Evening Post article and the Share Launch event leaflet have been posted to each of the village notice boards. Information has been posted to the Tollerton Community Pub web site and to Facebook.

To comply with the submission deadline for the December newsletter this article was written in mid November, in the week before the Share Launch event held at Tollerton School at 7.30 pm on 20th November that I mentioned in last month’s newsletter.

I hope those of you who are interested in the future of the pub were able to attend the share launch event and were able to support the purchase of the pub for the community by buying shares.

The Business Plan, the Share Offer documentation together with Feasibility Plans that indicate potential ways to improve the pub were all available to read and view. Steering group members presented material that discussed the history and value of the Air Hostess, survey details, negotiations, the business plan and the share offer.

If you were unable to attend the meeting but are interested in purchasing shares, material will be presented online at: https://tollertontrust.org.uk/ and shorter items at: https://www.facebook.com/TollertonCommunityPub/

Similarly how much has been raised will be displayed (and updated) on the facebook page (see previous paragraph for link). For those who like to see physical rather than digital items this information will be prominently displayed (and updated) in the window of the parish rooms.

As was explained at the share launch event there are be a number of drop-in Q&A and pledge sessions for those who did not complete a purchase of shares at the launch event. These drop-in Q&A and pledge sessions are also for those who are interested in purchasing shares but were unable to attend the launch event on the 20th November.

Please feel free to come and discuss any issues you have relating to the purchase of shares at these sessions. The date, time and venues for these drop-in Q&A and pledge sessions are:
Wed. 27th November 2pm-3pm. Also 7pm-8pm (both sessions, Parish Rooms)
Wed. 4th December 2pm-3pm. Same day 7pm-7.30pm (both sessions, Parish Rooms)
Thur. 12th December All Day (Election Day) (Methodist Church)
Sat. 14th December 10pm-12pm (Brunch with Santa) (Tollerton Primary School)
Wed. 18th December 2pm-4pm, 7pm-10pm (Village Carol Concert) (Parish Rooms)

Please note you can also pledge by post to Tollerton Community Trust, 40-42 Burnside Grove, Tollerton, Nottingham NG12 4EB. The appropriate forms are available on the website at https://tollertontrust.org.uk/

If you ever lose this copy of the newsletter but want to reference its content (or any of the previous newsletter articles written under the ‘Future of the Air Hostess’ title) online copies can be found at https://tollertontrust.org.uk/

Share Launch A Great Success

Share Launch A Great Success

Its been almost a week since the Share Launch Event on the 20th November.

We had around 200 people attend the event, resulting in standing room only!

Queuing outside

The main element of the night was the steering group’s presentation, which covered the history of the Air Hostess, survey results, business plan, financial plans and the long awaited share offer.

Thanking those who have given support to the Steering Committee – Matt Garrad
The history of the Air Hostess – Steve King
The survey results – Chloe Higgins
Business Plan & ‘The Dream Pub’ – Anthony Sumner
Hearing from our local property expert – Graham Sheardown
Finances & Fundraising Target – Rupert Butt

By the end of the evening we had already raised £22,750! Which has continued to rise ever since, much to the steering groups delight.

The Share Offer – Claire Dul
Counting how many shares sold!

If you’re interested in watching the presentation, the video is included below. Otherwise feel free to come to our second launch event on Sunday the 8th of December, 3 – 4pm in the Parish Rooms.

We’d also like to thank all the volunteers and steering group members who didn’t make it in front of the camera!

So thank you to; Rob Barrett, Mark Law, Andrew Flett, Caryl King, Emma Cowland, George Walker, Mark Jones, Martin Goodman, Paul Cowland, Bryan Cather, Parma Samol, Tracy Longworth and Chris Higgins

Lastly, thank you to the following organisations for supporting our cause and promoting our events; BBC Radio Nottingham, West Bridgford Wire, Nottingham Evening Post, Everards Brewery and Castle Rock Brewery

Chris & George keeping the bar stocked!

We are also running drop in sessions for those wanting to ask a quick question or needing help with completing the forms.

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